We have chosen to follow our dreams. I left my full-time job to start two businesses with my wife. This process has been both exhilarating, and also exhausting. Some times we have enough to put away and other times we're putting groceries on our credit card. 

I'm proud of us! We shot this set and this video, because we're doing everything we possibly can to get more work and make this dream a sustainable one. These assets will be used for an add that we're running on Facebook soon. 

I feel more confident than every about my craft, and we've invested in some of the best equipment out there. I have no doubt that I can capture a wedding with the ease and consistency  needed in order to keep my clients overwhelmed with joy! 

Oh Alice...

Alice worked with me when I had Post-Grad Blues, and five jobs all at once. We worked at a coffee shop where we both had to clean the coffee roasters once a week while wearing these onesie outfits. Her's fit, but mine equiped me for whenever a flood might strike Southern California. So many beautiful moments while capturing her wedding :)

Liam & Jessica

Jessica is my best friend's wife...I guess she also counts as my BF too. She keeps me up to date on what Garrets doing and often coordinates Garret Sightings for me. It's a crazy thing when one of your childhood friends has an adorable baby that looks just like him. 

Spruce Street Engagement

Its a fun time in our lives. Our friends are all getting married, and having babies just as we are reaching a solid level of quality in our work. That means that we're photographing our friends as they reach these milestones. It's a blast!